Wrongful Dismissal

Brown Litigation is a firm of trial lawyers in Toronto. Our practice serves both employers and employees in pursuit of fair resolution to claims of wrongful dismissal. Our lawyers are consistently focused on securing the right results for clients. As trial counsel, our work is not limited to seeking a fair settlement. Our skills are often best expressed through our work in front of judges and juries, creating outcomes that are appropriate for our clients. With this arsenal of resources, we can match point for point any opponent in wrongful dismissal litigation.

Advising And Representing High-Level Ontario Executives

Our employment litigation team has been representing executives in disputes with former employers throughout its history. Our work starts as soon as clients contact us for a consultation. We can advise in the event no severance package was proposed after a termination, or review termination packages for appropriateness, given an employee’s performance and history with a company.

As with many issues in common-law employment, entitlements are often complex and based on legislation and case law. Often, a former employee discovers he or she is entitled to a much larger severance than the employer is offering.

Representation In Constructive Dismissal Cases

Wrongful dismissal takes many forms. In Ontario, it is possible to pursue a claim for constructive dismissal. In this scenario, an employee may have been forced to resign because of circumstances in the workplace. Many factors can contribute to a claim of constructive dismissal, including harassment, discrimination, demotion or salary reduction.

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Contact Brown Litigation to arrange a review and assessment of your case. Our team will review your employment circumstances and recommend whether an action for wrongful dismissal is right for you.