Construction Litigation

In Ontario, when a supplier or contractor provides services or materials to a construction site, it gives rise to an automatic right to lien the property if payment is not received. There are specific rules and conditions, but generally, the lien must be registered on title to the subject property within 45 days of the last significant supply of materials or of when labour was performed. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure timelines are not missed and to efficiently and accurately represent you during construction lien proceedings.

Brown Litigation is a highly experienced litigation law firm. We utilize more than 15 years of combined experience to represent clients in a variety of commercial litigation cases, including construction disputes.

Construction Litigation

Construction projects can rarely afford to be delayed due to litigation. At Brown Litigation, we work with developers, builders, suppliers, general contractors and sub-contractors to correct and remedy issues that can derail a construction project or impact on payments to suppliers.

Whether you are in need of registering a lien, a strong defence, or assistance in bringing a lawsuit against a party who has acted in the wrong, we can represent you. Our lawyers have experience in a variety of construction-related legal matters, including:

  • Construction breach of contract
  • Other construction contract disputes
  • Construction breach of trust
  • Collection of accounts (unpaid supplies and labour)
  • Construction liens

If you are seeking counsel regarding your construction project or construction supply business, the lawyers at Brown Litigation can pursue legal means to get your project back on track and secure payments.

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