Real Property Disputes

Brown Litigation represents individuals and businesses in disputes over real property in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Often, real property disputes arise during the purchase or sale of a property. Other common real estate issues include ownership disputes and conflict over property line boundaries.

We utilize more than 15 years of combined commercial litigation experience to represent our clients’ interests in real property disputes.

Comprehensive Property Dispute Litigation

When a buyer and seller can’t agree to the terms of a sale, or are unable to meet their obligations under the contract, the parties are unable to close the deal and the issue becomes contested. At Brown Litigation, our lawyers understand the complex nature of real property transactions and disputes. We also understand that the length of time it takes to resolve a dispute directly impacts related expenses for all involved parties. Our goal is to achieve optimal results for you in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our lawyers can assist you in the following real property matters:

  • Breach of contract on real property
  • Disputes over buy/sell agreement clauses
  • Failure to close
  • Failed sale transactions
  • Financing issues
  • Mortgage enforcement
  • Property line disputes
  • Neighbour and nuisance disputes
  • Trespass
  • Disputes over easements
  • Disputes over rights of way

Ontario Trespass Laws

A trespass to property can occur by persons, but also by structures, trees or bushes on a property. If those items should cross a property line, they constitute a continuing trespass to the adjacent property until they are removed or repaired. Brown Litigation, our commercial litigation lawyers have successfully obtained court orders resulting in the removal of offending buildings, decks and trees. Further, we have obtained damage awards for the related financial losses caused by the trespass.

If an the offending structure, or tree does not cross a property line, but causes resulting damage to an adjacent property, the resulting nuisance is actionable and could result in court orders to remove or repair the structure, and for payment of all costs associated with damages.

Townships, cities and municipalities are not able to assist property owners in these trespass situations, particularly if there exists a dispute over the location of property lines. Only the courts can order removal, repairs, and damages in trespass and nuisance matters.

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