Employment Litigation

Brown Litigation represents businesses and senior executive level employees in employment disputes in Canada and the United States. Whether you are contemplating terminating an employee, you have received a claim for wrongful dismissal, or you are seeking a lawyer for advice on your legal entitlements on termination and representation in an employment law case, our firm can assist you.

Our lawyers have significant experience representing both employers and senior executive level employees in employment litigation. We also provide risk management services in order to help our business clients avoid future disputes and employment litigation.

Many times employment disputes arise when a departing employee leaves the company to start his or her own business, or joins a competitor. For example, when a key sales employee leaves and actively solicits valuable company contacts for their own benefit, or competes unfairly in the marketplace, emotions run high, and disputes can result.

Wrongful Dismissal Law Firm

At Brown Litigation, we assist employers and senior executive level employees in wrongful dismissal claims. We focus on representing executive-level employees and businesses of all kinds in these sometimes complex cases. Our lawyers are experienced in all types of employment litigation, including:

  • Employee covenants
  • Quasi-employment and dependent contractor issues
  • Independent contractor relationships and claims
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Other employment contracts
  • Fiduciary duties

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