Commercial Litigation

Experts in Commercial Litigation

When dealing with a commercial dispute or any dispute for that matter, court is and always should be your last resort. Nobody wants to find themselves in trial but avoiding the stand isn’t easy. It takes a knowledgeable litigator, one who can provide you with prudent advice, give you a realistic assessment, develop a strategic case and help you achieve your desired outcome through principled resolution. That’s our specialty.

Skilled in advocacy, negotiation and personal service, the litigators at Toronto’s Brown Litigation handle complex, high-value disputes on behalf of businesses. Regardless of the business sector, we’re able to ensure predictable and favourable outcomes while striving to spare you the inherent stress and cost of the court process.

Keeping in mind that trial is always an option, the first thing we do when we take on a case is prepare for court. This contingency measure relays a strong message to the opposition about trial yielding diminished returns when you’re dealing with Brown Litigation while, minimizing exposure to court proceedings for our clients. It also ensures that if the matter requires a trial, we’re ready for action, so much so that past performances have earned us accolades from court officers, reporters and judges.

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