About Us

For twelve years prior to launching Brown Litigation, I lead the commercial litigation practice group of a successful mid-sized general litigation firm, which I co-founded.

Starting Brown Litigation in 2015 arose out of a desire to focus exclusively on commercial litigation, in a boutique setting affording me the ability to give my personal attention to all matters. In a dynamic business environment, our clients benefit from quick and nimble responses to their concerns of the day, directly from Senior Counsel.

At Brown Litigation, we provide litigation and risk management services to businesses and the individuals driving them, with particular expertise in:

I have considerable experience dealing with large private businesses. These are typically high value businesses, closely held by a small and engaged shareholder base. While not publicly traded or listed, these companies regularly encounter complex and mission critical legal issues.

An area of specialty that has emerged over my years of practice is litigating the “business divorce”.  When the relationship breaks down between shareholders and principals of a private company, it can trigger both a dispute over shares and end of employment issues. There can be both family and friendships in the mix. These convoluted disputes require the knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of law (shareholder rights, employment, and commercial realities) in order to methodically unravel them.

While I work directly with clients and lead the direction of all files, I have a team that collaborates with me to increase efficiency. Lauren Findlay, Associate Lawyer, excels at legal drafting, research and attention to detail. Sarah Paray, Law Clerk, ensures proficient support on all files.

I concentrate on strategy, file management, negotiation, and court room advocacy. Together we offer a deep bench of talent, with our skills converging to achieve optimum resolutions for complicated matters in timely, precise and cost-effective ways.