Collection of Accounts

At Brown Litigation, we represent creditors and debtors in debt collection matters. There are a number of reasons why someone may choose not to pay a debt. An individual may be unsatisfied with the level of services provided or the person may be experiencing financial difficulties. No matter the circumstances, many businesses wish to take legal action to enforce payment. Alternately, many debtors require legal counsel to enforce their rights under contract, or to navigate predictable and fair outcomes to debt enforcement claims.

Account Collections Lawyer

From managing bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings to negotiating arrangements for or with creditors, our lawyers are skilled at resolving a variety of financial issues involving unpaid debt. We have experience resolving complex cases on behalf of both creditors and debtors. Our lawyers represent companies, employees and other parties in collection of accounts.

Representing Businesses

Contact Brown Litigation for assistance prior to and during litigation. At the early stages, we can advise businesses on the collectability of unpaid invoices and accounts, and conduct advance research on debtors, including prior bankruptcy filings, judgements, payment history, and asset searches in order to assess the likelihood of recovery. Our lawyers provide candid assessments on the likely outcomes in order to set clear and quantifiable objectives in litigation.

We understand that the legal expenses associated with debt collection are an important factor when deciding whether to continue pursuing payment from a debtor. At Brown Litigation, we aim to provide cost-effective legal strategies tailored to every client by ensuring proportionality in legal costs and cost certainty.

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