D. Jared Brown


Toronto (Yorkville), Ontario, Canada
Jared Brown is a Trial Lawyer from Toronto, litigating commercial disputes and employment matters.

Mr. Brown has been practising since 2002, initially as a partner in a litigation firm, and since 2014 as Lead Counsel of Brown Litigation.

Mr. Brown advises and represents businesses and organizations in risk management and dispute resolution.  Litigating before the Superior Court, Court of Appeal, and various administrative tribunals (including the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Ontario Labour Relations Board), Mr. Brown has developed a reputation as a trusted advisor, and a professional and successful litigator.

Through Mr. Brown’s advocacy experience, he has come to recognize the special and historic role of lawyers as defenders and champions of individual rights and freedoms, and as a bulwark to administrative state overreach.

In May of 2017, Mr. Brown joined Dr. Jordan B. Peterson testifying before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee on government compelled speech.  Testimony that has been viewed over 1 million times on Youtube.

Mr. Brown spoke at length about authoritarian initiatives emanating from the Law Society in a series of youtube discussions with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Professor Bruce Pardy of Queen’s Law.

In February 2018, Mr. Brown joined Bruce Pardy, Mr. Paul Schabas (Treasurer of the Law Society), and Mr. Paul Seguil (Chair of the Law Society’s Equity Group) in a CIJA/UJA panel discussion on the Law Society’s requirement for a Statement of Principles.

Most recently, Mr. Brown joined Lindsay Shepherd, Dr. Debra Soh, and Barbara Kay in a panel discussion on compelled speech.

Mr. Brown is regularly cited by main stream media and professional publications on legal issues.  Mr. Brown’s commentary on legal issues can be found on the web at www.brownlaw.ca including blog posts, articles, youtube videos, podcasts, and speaking engagements and through his twitter handle @litigationguy.

To reach Jared, call 416.975.4043, or send him an email or DM.


Jared’s expertise:
•  Contract disputes
•  Collection of accounts
•  Creditor Rights and Enforcement
•  Contractors and independent agents
•  Employment Litigation – dismissals and employee covenants
•  Quasi-employment and Dependent Contractor matters
•  Fiduciary Duties
•  Commercial Tenancy Matters
•  Real Property disputes
•  Cross-jurisdictional and International dispute resolution
•  Construction lien and litigation matters
•  Shareholder disputes and oppression matters
•  Commercial Insurance

Jared’s education:
•  Called to the Bar of Ontario in 2002
•  LL.B. from University of Windsor Faculty of Law, 2001
•  B.A. with Honours from University of Windsor, 1998

Jared’s memberships:
•  Law Society of Upper Canada, Member

Primary Area of Practise:

  • Commercial Litigation

Representative Clients:

  • Staffing Companies
  • Contingent Workforce solutions providers
  • Canadian and U.S. Based Manufacturers
  • Software and Technology Companies
  • Transportation and Logistics Suppliers
  • Resource and Venture Companies
  • Intermodal Logistics Suppliers
  • Insurance Brokerages
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Commercial Landlords/Tenants
  • Shareholders, Directors, Officers
  • Individuals
  • Franchises